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Dr jakubow

DDR Slawik Jakubow made his doctor 1989 at the Vienna University as a doctor of medical science, where he also completed his residency for dentistry and orthodontics.

1995 he opened his first ordination (insurance ordination) in Vienna-Brigittenau, 2003 his second (private) in downtown Vienna.

Dr Jakubow specialized from the beginning in the field of implantology and orthodontics as these both subjects are inseperable for him.

To keep up with the rapid development of these subjects, he repeatedly visits domestic and abroad specialists every year in order to give his patients the best possible treatment.

With this in mind he extended his ordination by a dental laboratory and by this ensured, that the technical production is governed by his supervision and control. Especially by training abroad, a knowledge for the face aesthetics as a necessary complement to dentistry was formed.

Followed by the next logical step, the founding of the competence center for aesthetical face treatment in downtown Vienna: City Face-DentalCare.

DDr. Slawik Jakubow