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Dr Turkov

Univ.Prof.Dr. Edvin Turkof completed his residency postdoctoral (medical science) in the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the AKH in Vienna. His surgical focal points are aesthetic surgery in general, surgery of peripheral nerves, reconstructive breast surgery as well as micro surgery.

Prof.Turkov published several scientific publications and led many projects at home and abroad. For his scientific activities he received the Peat-Price from the Indian Association for plastic surgery and the Billroth-Price from the Austrian Medical Chamber.

Through permament intensive advanced education from international luminaries, he is always up to date in his expertise. Therefore he was also able to set several new accents in his field in Vienna.

1996 he firstly introduced the ultrasonic-supported liposuction, 1999 the vibration-supported liposuction, and 2001 also as first, the correction of circumorbital rings and eye pouches by utilizing the fat wrapping plastic after Loeb and the parietal eyebrow lift with string technique after Fogli as well as 2005 the midfac lifting, which is nowadays essential for the aesthetic face surgery. 2006, after 26 years of pause, the micro surgical lymph vessel transplation to correct the secondary lymphedema, after a breast cancer surgery, was introduced to the AKH Vienna by him once again.

Prof. Dr. Turkof regularly visits international congresses and workshops and since 2005 is making several educational speeches about aesthetic surgery each year. 2008 he set new worldwird benchmarks in the field of patient and general information: In collaboration with Mag. Elis Sonnleitner he published the 13-volume book series “Enzyklopaedia Aesthetica”. Each book informs about a cosmetical procedure and goes into detail about risks and complications with photos and drawings. Thereby he virtually anticipated the new aesthetic surgery law by BM Stöger, which came into effect 2013 and is demanding an extraordinary comprehensive enlightment for cosmetical procedures.